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Engineered Solutions to Meet Your Specifications

Lawler Manufacturing understands you are working to meet the expectations of your customers as well as follow industry standards. In some cases, your experience has taught you to consider critical performance criteria as well, including how a valve may perform under failure conditions. Lawler and our representatives across North America are available to help answer your questions and offer a wide range of engineered solutions that meet your specifications.

TemperedWater Head Cat Master Controller

Master Controllers

Lawler thermostatic master controllers are designed exclusively to help you achieve safe, precise water temperature control within domestic plumbing systems. Lawler’s premiere master controllers rely on our patented single valve technology, giving you maximum cost, space, maintenance, and performance benefits. Every Lawler master controller includes our patented Three-Way Protection™.

TemperedWater Head Cat

Point of Use

Lawler under-the-counter valves are designed exclusively to help you achieve safe, precise water temperature control at the point-of-use. All Lawler under-the-counter valves protect against scalding and chilling, are easy to install, and are backed by Lawler’s One Year Warranty. Use Lawler under-the-counter point-of-use valves when you need a “final layer” of safety for users of electronic faucets, hand lavs, as well as sensor and metering faucets.

Shower knob


Lawler shower valves are not adaptations of residential shower valves. Lawler thermostatic shower technology is exclusively designed for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications – where safety and comfort are required by diverse populations under varying system demand.

TemperedWater Head Cat Emergency


Lawler’s 911® series of emergency valves are distinctly different than other mixing valves. Their design and function are specific to emergency applications. They uniquely provide tepid water using Lawler’s patented single valve technology, while offering integral cold water bypass and positive hot water shut-off… exactly the performance you need to promote proper use of emergency fixtures. All Lawler emergency products offer you the best solution for meeting ANSI Z358.1-2009 and exceeding ASSE 1071

TemperedWater Head Cat Mixing Systems

Mixing Systems

Lawler offers system solutions through its Power of One Custom Piping Service. The Power of One team of experts will deliver your custom plumbing design in one complete unit, pre-piped, pre-assembled and pre-tested. The Power of OneSM also offers pre-packaged systems (such as recirculation systems, parallel units, and stand-alone emergency tempering systems) that have proven to solve ongoing challenges faced by the engineering community.

TemperedWater Head Cat Accessories


Options for shower systems to help you provide all-in-one solutions including shower heads, handheld units, tub spouts and more. Testing units also available.

TemperedWater Head Cat Repair Kit

Repair Kits

Complete repair kits ready-to-ship, for all Lawler mixing valves – easily identifiable by your Lawler valve’s model number.

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