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Neptune EMX Mixing Station

Neptune EMX Mixing Station

Lawler’s Neptune EMX electronic mixing valve is a rugged lead-free stainless steel valve that provides accurate control of the domestic hot water during all flow conditions.  The valve comes pre-set and tested for easy installation and setup.  The EMX is ASSE 1017 and NSF 372 listed and can be integrated into the BMS system for remote monitoring of the outlet temperature.

Lawler’s Neptune EMX MS electronic mixing valve pre-piped recirculation system is the ideal solution for common installation mistakes.  The EMX MS is an easy “plug-and-play” installation and insures that the recirculation system is installed correctly for efficient operation of the domestic hot water system.  System includes a recirculation pump that is specified by the design engineer.

Neptune EMX Brochure is available HERE

EMX 075 MS 943608
EMX 100 MS 943610
EMX 125 MS 943620
EMX 150 MS 943630
EMX 200 MS 943640
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Install and Maintenance ManualNeptune EMX – Installation and Maintenance Manual


Spec Books943640 – Neptune EMX 200 Mixing Station – Submittal Datasheet
Spec Books943630 – Neptune EMX 150 Mixing Station – Submittal Datasheet
Spec Books943620 – Neptune EMX 125 Mixing Station – Submittal Datasheet
Spec Books943610 – Neptune EMX 100 Mixing Station – Submittal Datasheet
Spec Books943608 – Neptune EMX 075 Mixing Station – Submittal Datasheet
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