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The Power of One: Tempered Water Mixing Systems.

Everyone benefits when your project’s engineers, wholesalers, and installers are on the same page. Tempered water systems give engineers the opportunity to size and design an application-specific solution, wholesalers the accuracy of quoting a complete package, and installers the efficiency of plumbing a full solution that’s been pre-piped, pre-assembled, and pre-tested. Lawler calls this unified approach to tempered water delivery, the Power of One.

Your quality can’t be compromised. Lawler can help you deliver a custom solution that works for your customer and everyone in the work flow.

The Power of Precision Products

Lawler Manufacturing 100% tests every thermostatic mixing valve we make. Only those that meet our precise testing requirements are shipped to your job site.


Precise tempered water with Three-Way Protection against 1.) runaway temperatures, 2.) thermal shock, and 3.) scalding



A safe, final layer of precise water temperature control at the point of use



Exclusively designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications with diverse populations and varying system demand.



Tepid water systems and mixing valves with positive hot water shut-off and integral full flow cold water bypass



Lawler's Power of One Mixing Stations are complete, pre-piped and pre-assembled recirculation systems, capacity building systems, emergency tepid water systems

The Power of Knowledge

You want knowledgeable answers to your questions. Lawler and our representatives across North America work together to provide you with product and technical knowledge, live “Lunch and Learn” educational sessions, engineering assets, specifications, installation guides and more.

The Power of American Manufacturing

Lawler designs, builds, and ships all its products from Indianapolis, Indiana – the “Crossroads of America”. Our valves and system solutions are in production and testing every day in our facility. Lawler also stocks repair kits so when your customers are in need, you and Lawler can respond quickly.
We understand you need partners you can count on. So a real person answers the phone during business hours, we stock for emergencies, and cut out complexities wherever we can.

The Power of Performance:
Three-Way Protection Master Controllers

Professionals who want high quality, low-maintenance solutions that deliver maximum performance often prefer Lawler’s high-low master controllers because they meet ASSE 1017 with Three-Way Protection. To make your job (and the project’s footprint) even simpler, Lawler’s 800 Series valves offer a wide range of flows so you can “right-size” a safe solution.

You need it right the first time. That’s why Lawler helps you size and identify the best valve for your application.

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