802 Mixing System Simply Electronically Adjusted Deluxe

802 Mixing System Simply Electronically Adjusted Deluxe

Lawler’s Series 800 SEA Valve Deluxe Recirculation Systems have all the benefits of a Lawler recirculation system with the added ability to give your end user robust remote and local control (monitoring and adjustment) of the hot water/recirculation system.

The SEA Valve Deluxe System control box allows your end user to remotely monitor and adjust the valve and turn off the recirculation pump prior to temperature adjustment.

This Deluxe system offers several forms of protection you want for your end users. First, the Deluxe SEA Valve System will prevent unauthorized adjustments of the valve when the recirculation pump is on and there is insufficient water flowing through the valve. Second, the system’s remote alarm system alerts end users of data feedback outside pre-set conditions. Third, password-protected security offers a wide range of system protections and authorizations. Fourth, with a patented 800 series valve at the heart of the system, you get the valve’s well-known “Three-Way Protection™” – but now you’ll get “Four-Way Protection” because when power is lost to the building, the SEA Valve System maintains its last set temperature.

The system also logs all system data according to your and your end user’s design, and is available “on demand” for system review.

If you need a system solution that brings together hot water control and recirculation while giving end users maximum control over system monitoring and adjustments, the Lawler Series 800 SEA Valve Deluxe Recirculation System is the answer.

This complete solution is a part of Lawler’s Power of One™ pre-piped, pre-packaged, pre-tested systems, intended to give you one point of design and one point of accountability.

ENG# 86601







Mixing System Simply Electronically Adjusted Deluxe

Engineering Number



Master Controller, Mixing System


ASSE 1017, CSA B125.3, Lead Free

Connection Type


Inlet Connection Size


Outlet Connection Size


Min Flow


Min Flow with Recirculation

1/2 GPM

Rated Flow at 10 PSI

39 GPM

Rated Flow at 45 PSI

80 GPM

Temperature Range

110°F – 140°F, 70°F – 100°F, 90°F – 120°F


Chrome Plated, Electroless Nickel Plated, Polished Chrome, Rough Brass


Install and Maintenance Manual802 – SEA Deluxe – Installation and Maintenance Manual
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